Mini Professors Den Haag


Welcome to Mini Professors Den Haag!

Mini Professors: Science Adventures for Little Learners!

Does your child ask endless questions about "why?" and "how?"  Fuel their curiosity and ignite their imagination with our fun-filled science classes!

 Through hands-on experiments, playful activities, and interactive exploration, your child will:

  • Discover: Uncover the wonders of the natural world, from fizzing volcanoes to wiggling worms.
  • Explore: Learn by doing! Fun experiments and activities will ignite a love for science.
  • Imagine: Let their creativity run wild as they ask questions, make predictions, and solve problems.
  • Grow: Build important skills like observation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Here's how we make science awesome for kids 2.5 to 6:

  • Term-long Classes: Deep dive into exciting themes like dinosaurs, volcanoes, energy, chemical reactions, our solar system, and many more!
  • After School Clubs: Weekly bursts of science exploration for curious minds (ages 4-6).
  • Science Party Magic: Make your child's birthday unforgettable with a science extravaganza!
  • School, BSO & Daycare Science Workshops: Bring the lab to you! We make science learning fun and interactive.

Five days a week at our location in The Hague, Mini Professors are busy exploring, experimenting, and discovering! At this time, all our classes are run in English.

Ready to ignite your child's inner scientist? Let's get started!

PS: If you book two kids in the same class, please use the discount code GROWTOGETHER.


Welcome to Our Spectacular Summer Special Classes!

Hey, little explorers and curious minds! Ready to dive into a summer filled with discovery, laughter, and learning that feels like play? Pack your imaginations, because we're about to embark on a three-week adventure that will light up your brains and spark your love for science!


Our joyful journey is tailored just for you, split into two bubbly groups: ages 4-6 and 6-8. We’ll meet on Thursdays and Fridays – that’s twice a week of pure fun and fascinating learning!


Week 1: Jumpstart your journey with an Introduction to Science – where your curiosity meets the wonders of the world!
Week 2: Feel the ground shake under your feet? We're learning about Volcanoes! Discover why they erupt and create your own mini-volcano. It’s going to be a blast!
Week 3: Get electrified as we unravel the mysteries of Electricity! Light up a bulb with just a few connections in a shockingly fun session!

The lessons will be held in English with additional explanations and instructions in Dutch.


Choose your adventure! You can sign up for all three weeks as a package or pick just the classes that tickle your curiosity the most. Remember, every class is a gateway to new mysteries and experiments!


Dive into each lesson with just 20 euros, or grab our spellbinding 3-lesson package for a magical 54 euros! Please note, your child's spot will be secured only after we receive your payment.


Got this year's Vakantiepas? Use your discount code to snag a magical deal! Or, if you can’t wait to secure your spot in the world of wonders, book now at the regular price – spots are as limited as hidden treasures on a pirate island! Also, please note, the discount code can only be used one, so choose wisely!

🌟 Don't miss out on the fun! 🌟

Our seats are like gold dust and fill up faster than a rocket launching into space! 🚀

So, what do you say, young explorer? Are you ready to unleash your inner scientist this summer and create memories that sparkle brighter than the stars? Let's make this summer unforgettable! Just click that enchanting ‘Book Now’ button and let the magic begin! 🌠📘

See you in the lab and beyond! 🧪🌍


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